St. Masry Roman Catholic Church
  St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
           250 South 12th St.,  Reading, PA 19602


St. Masry Roman Catholic Church
Parish News January 13 - 20, 2019
  St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
           250 South 12th St.,  Reading, PA 19602
Confession:  Saturday, January 19, 2:45 - 3:15 PM.  Otherwise, by appointment only.

St. Mary's Website is up and running.

The St. Mary 2020 Mass Book opens in March.

Allergic to Gluten?
  To receive a gluten free host,  go to the priest's communion line and indicate to him that you need a gluten free host.

You or a Family Member at St. Joseph's Hospital?  Call the Parish Center at 610-779-4005 if you would like a priest to visit.  St. Joseph's has a new computer system and can no longer run reports for us.

Parish Communion List:  Parishioners who are sick or hospitalized, in a rehabilitation center, or confined to their home, wishing to receive Holy Communion, should call the Parish at 610-779-4005 to be added to the Parish Communion List.  Call the same number to enroll someone on the Prayer List.

Parish Records:  It is important to keep our parish records up-to-date.  If there has been a change in your marital or family status, a change of address or phone number, and so on, please email these changes to or call Diane Sitter at 610-779-4005.

Saint Mary's 2018 Church Contributions:  If you want the statement for your contributions in 2018 for income tax purposes, print the word STATEMENT on your Sunday envelope.  The statements will be available on the table in the vestibule of the church within two weeks of receipt of request. 

The St. Mary 2020 Mass Book
opens in March.

For Those Who Are Grieving:  A support group offering caring presence, strength, and wisdom meets two Mondays a month at St. Catharine of Sienna Church, Mt. Penn at 7:00 PM.  To register, call 610-370-1174.

St. Mary's Necrology for January: 1/4 - Francis J. Urbanowicz (1999);  1/18 - Joseph A. Daniel (1998);  1/20 - Ladislaus J. Dubrowski (1939);  1/21 - Walter J. Bruc (1987);  1/28 - John S. Lorenc (1973);  1/29 - Edward S. Musial (2005).  Remember these good and faithful priests who served at St. Mary's in your prayers.

Prayer Requests for Priests:
Sunday 1/13             Father David Kozak
Monday 1/14              Monsignor Robert Kozel
Tuesday 1/15             Deceased priests
Wednesday 1/16        Father Daniel Kravatz
Thursday 1/17            Father Dr. John Krivak
Friday  1/18                Father Thomas Kuller, S.J.
Saturday 1/19             Father Joseph Kweder
Sunday 1/20               Permanent deacons

Berks Catholic HS Step Up Day:  8th graders spend a day, January 24, at Berks Catholic HS and get a real feel fo what it's like to attend the high school.  For more information,  contact Mrs. Smith at 610-374-8361, ext. 244.

Berks Catholic HS Open House:  Come to the new John R. Post Learning Center on January 27 to experience its new STEM Lab, expanded cafeteria, new classrooms, college and career counseling suite, and the collegiate style learning commons.  For more information, email or call Nicky Smith at 610-374-8361, ext. 244.

Rachel's Vineyard Retreat:  This retreat, on March 22-24, is for anyone seeking healing after an abortion.  In a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment you can focus on this painful time in your life and begin the healing process.  This process consists of scripture readings, guided meditations, and activities that help you experience God's compassion and forgiveness.  For registration information, contact Sister Meg Cole at 1-866-3RACHEL (toll free) or 610-332-0442, ext. 2019, or go to  The registration deadline is March 14.  For more information about the retreat experience, visit the national website at

The Tribunal, Diocese of Allentown:  The Tribunal is a group of specially qualified priests, deacons, and lay persons who are uniquely qualified to help persons in unfortunate marriage situations.  The annulment procedure is designed to study the history of the marriage and why it failed.  It does not affix blame.  It tries to help mend the marriage.  However, if the marital conflict cannot be resolved, the marriage cannot be broken by human intervention, If the marriage is found to be invalid, both parties are free.  If you, a friend, or an acquaintance can be helped it is recommended that the parish priest or The Tribunal Office at 610-434-3200 should be contacted.  The
Tribunal will forward the application for annulment.  Have no fear; all interviews are private.  There are no confrontations.